GJS Tries Pole Dancing Fitness

Yesterday I went to Urbantrix, Birmingham for my first session of Pole Fitness. Note I said pole FITNESS not pole dancing – there are no stilettos, glitter or thongs involved so some of you may want to stop reading now if you were expecting a different kind of result from your internet search 😉

The class started with a warm up of star jumps and press ups followed by some stretches using the pole. Then over the course of an hour the instructor Lucille and her colleague Emily worked through the Bronze syllabus (yes there’s a syllabus) with us which included spins, climbs and lifts.

We started with easier things such as just gripping the pole from a static position and raising the knees to chest (much harder than it looks) and gradually built up over the hour to attempting more complicated moves which included; spinning with the pole locked behind one knee and other leg outstretched, being upside down (or trying to be) and climbing the pole and outstretching the arms in a ‘crucifix’ position, gripping the pole for dear life with your thighs.

Lucille and Emily are incredibly strong, controlled and graceful and made every move appear easy. The reality was very different and although I am strong, I found most moves physically challenging, not to mention having to remember to point my toes, straighten my legs, push my hips forward etc etc. Dismounting the pole needs a blog post all of its own but let’s just say, I was in a pile on the floor!

It was a pretty good workout, a lot of fun and very satisfying when you master a move. My only criticism would be that with 10 girls to 4 poles there was a lot of ‘rest’ time. It would have been more cardiovascular if the effort was continuous.

Lucille is a fantastic instructor, motivating and encouraging. Between her and Emily, everyone received some 121 instruction and support. The session was completed with some brief body conditioning to strengthen the core.

A day later and my biceps, triceps and core are starting to suffer from DOMS. I am sporting a mysterious, huge bruise on one arm and the backs of my knees are sore from being hooked around the pole. It’s good pain and I’m definitely going back.

Classes are run at various locations around Birmingham. For more information visit the Facebook page BodySynergyUK or http://www.bodysynergy.co.uk/services/polefitness/class-information-poledanceclassesbirmingham



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5 Responses to “GJS Tries Pole Dancing Fitness”

  1. originalribenababy Says:

    you shouldn’t knock the classes that use high heels – they give you a stronger workout! Your legs feel like jelly after you’ve done an hours floor work in them let alone the added weight for inversions 😉 (and the more advanced you get the more kin you have to use! So tiny workout gear becomes more and more necessary!)

    Think a lot of people underestimate just how many muscles it uses – getting back to it a while back I felt like rough after my first return class!

  2. katyhancock Says:

    That sounds really fun, maybe I’ll give it a try sometime!

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