GJS Tries Meditation (unsuccessfully!)

I like to take an holistic approach to my health & fitness. With this in mind, I attended a guided, group session in ‘mindfulness & meditation’ today. The benefits of meditation are widely reported but for the uninitiated, take a look at the info contained in this link:


There were about 20 attendees and the instructor asked us to sit with our feet planted on the floor & our eyes closed and coached us to concentrate on our breathing. We were instructed to let anything entering our minds be registered as thoughts and immediately let go of. Cycles of in breath were counted, then out breath, then both together.

I sat quietly, listening to my breathing……this lasted for approximately 1 minute.

For a further 19 minutes I sat and thought about the noises I could hear outside, the day I’d had, a gift I’d forgotten to purchase, whether I could open my eyes without being caught, what time I could catch my train if I left now, ways to leave without appearing rude…… Eventually I did a runner and no doubt my rustling bags and stiletto heels disturbed everyone.

I think it’s fair to say that meditation is not for me. I find it impossible to quiet my mind and be still. Even at home, I have to be active and cannot just sit and relax. I am probably exactly the sort of person who would benefit from meditation!

If you are a meditation practitioner and can offer some tips on how to do it successfully, please leave a comment below or tweet me @gymjunkieshell


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