GJS Tries the 300 Kettlebell Challenge

I recently came across this free app called the ‘300 Kettlebell Challenge’.


It is a Kettlebell workout consisting of 50 double handed swings, 50 high pulls, 50 snatches, 50 clean and presses, 50 reverse lunges and 50 squat presses. A timer records the duration of your workout and there is an option to upload your result to a ‘Hall of Fame’.

There are short video clips to demonstrate each move which you can view at the start and also as you go along if you need a reminder on technique and form. These vids are optional, you can just jump straight in and start the challenge if you wish. After you’ve completed each exercise you select ‘next’ and you will be prompted for the next exercise.

It’s a really simple app which requires minimal fuss and faffing for a fairly tough (but quick) workout. The time for my first attempt was 12:48 and I used a 12KG bell. By the end of it I was hot and sweating. I was tempted to take a break several times but knowing I was on the clock motivated me to keep going (albeit slowly). My aim now is to complete the challenge every day and start to sped up and gradually increase the weight. The best time in the Hall of Fame is currently 07:30 so I’ve got a way to go yet.

For a freebie it’s pretty good and well worth a try. Give it a go and let me know your times at @gymjunkieshell on Twitter.

Kettlebells are a really effective functional training tool that offer fast results without hours of slogging it out. If you live in the Sandwell area, come and try my express kettlebell class on Thursdays at 0745 am at the new Tipton leisure Centre off Thursfield Road.



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