GJS Tries BuggyFit

It can be difficult getting to the gym regularly when you have a newborn. Finding the time, energy and babysitter isn’t easy. Then there is the military-style planning required to express milk, pack gym and baby essentials and get yourself and your mini-me out of the house not only on time but without mishap (milky mouths and exploding nappies to name a few). So I was pleased to be offered a free trial session of BuggyFit – an outdoor workout for mums where baby comes along.

I went along on a dry, fresh April morning which was perfect for training outdoors. The session began with straightforward mobility moves (toe taps, heels digs, step touch) and then a walk. It was in the local woods where there were lots of hilly paths to follow and after a few minutes of pushing myself, buggy and baby up & down the peaks, I was very warm. Regular attendees were encouraged to pick up the pace whilst the instructor strolled with the new recruits and explained how the class worked, ability levels, pricing and safety.

Once warmed up, the main component of the session was a circuit-style workout involving press ups, lunges, squats (rolling out the buggy as you lower down), planks, triceps dips and shoulder presses. Between each station there was a power walk (with baby & buggy). The instructor bought along resistance bands to add intensity and we moved around to different locations within the woods to use benches, logs and kerbs as ‘equipment’. The instructor knew most of the babies individually and was happy to buggy-sit for the mums who wanted to run.

I enjoyed the variety, location, fresh air and ability to have baby with me whilst I exercised. The instructor was friendly, knowledgeable in post-natal exercise and offered different things for different abilities. As a new mum of relatively good strength and fitness, the session was not quite challenging enough but beginners and intermediate would get a good workout. Another plus is the social aspect. Almost all of the mums had been coming for some time and established friendships. BuggyFit offered lots of opportunities to chat to one another as there was work in groups and pairs.

No special kit is required and you don’t need a particular kind of pushchair . Just turn up in your trainers, weather appropriate clothing and bring a drink. The pricing offered was to pay for 6 sessions with a 10 week period in which to use them, perfect if you cannot commit to going every week.

For more information visit http://www.buggyfit.co.uk



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