The Blog is Back

Welcome back to the blog! I hope that you are stuck in to working towards those New Year fitness goals and making good progress. Late Feb/early March is usually a ‘make or break’ period when motivation either surges as you get into the rhythm of your new regime or it crashes completely as your good intentions start flagging- just look around your gym and consider how many of the new members that joined in January are still there.

As you know, I took a break towards the end of last year to start maternity leave. Now that baby is here I have recently commenced working towards my own set of new fitness goals in a bid to regain my pre-pregnancy figure whilst juggling new commitments. I am also returning to work – In March i’ll be teaching the following classes:

Mondays 1930-2030 Legs, Tums & Bums at Tipton Swimming Baths

Tuesdays 2000-2030 Extreme Abs at Tipton Sports Academy

Tuesdays 2030-2100 ViPR at Tipton Sports Academy

Fridays 1730-1830 Thighs, Tums & Bums at Dough Ellis Sports Centre

Once I’m back into my stride there will be some blog posts coming up on fitness trends, workouts to try out and other fitness related bits and pieces I come across.


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