Diary of A Fitness Convert

You’ll know from my recent blog posts that I’ve been mixing up my training lately by trying some new activities such as MMA. I signed up for a course of 10 sessions at a boxing gym and roped in a friend of mine, Kash to join me.

Kash has no regular keep-fit routine and is of average fitness. I think it’s fair to add that he enjoys a drink and is somewhat of a social butterfly. Whilst this is great when I need a buddy for random fun stuff (we once took an impromptu trip to New York) it’s perhaps not so conducive for his wedding which is in 6 months time. Plus his bride-to-be is younger than him and I want him to be able to er…..keep up.

My mate Kash

Kash admitted that he was feeling the pressure to lose a little weight and shape up so I convinced him to do the 10 sessions with me. As a fitness junkie I’m a bit biased so I thought it would be good to blog from someone else’s perspective. Here is Kash’s diary:

Session 1

Shell has persuaded me to join her for something called BAG BLAST. Knowing her, I thought it might be shopping related but turns out it is an hour of pain not related to traipsing round the shops. Instead I was punching, skipping, crunching and all manner of other Rocky-esque moves.

I was nervous before the class but going with a friend helped my confidence. Working out in a group was motivating and helped to push me. I quickly learned the importance of pacing myself as in my eagerness I started off strong but was totally spent by the end. Despite being shattered I felt a great sense of achievement and looking forward to going back. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being ‘death’ I feel about 9. I’ve really worked hard.

Session 2

Dragged myself out of bed at silly o’clock to try MMA CIRCUIT TRAINING before work. The last time I saw this hour of the day I was coming home not going out.

I was paired up with a really friendly guy who’d done the class loads of times and helped out with my technique. Working with a partner was fun and encouraging and it really helped me to get through the workout which involved lots of things I had never done such as ‘ground and pound’.

It was hard but in a different way to the first class. 7/10 for toughness. I was tempted to slack off at times but Shell was eyeballing me so I kept at it. The session was more enjoyable than Bag Blast and training so early gave me a real energy boost. For the rest of the day I was buzzing and feeling really positive. I even made an effort to talk to people and feel my confidence is growing.

Session 3

I think I am sold on the idea of training before work after feeling the benefits last week. I went to an early BAG BLAST session. The group is starting to feel familiar as it’s the same people in most classes. The instructor worked us harder than last time but my fitness must be improving as it felt a little easier. I need to learn to skip though! It was so much fun than the time flew by but I was still very tired by the end.

It’s really made a difference having someone to attend class with. Making the commitment to meet has motivated me to get out of bed and come to class whereas I’d be tempted to hit ‘snooze’ otherwise.

Session 4

Back for more morning MMA madness. I noticed that there were some variations to the circuit which helped keep my interest but there were less participants than usual and I perhaps didn’t push myself as hard as I could.

I am used to the early starts now and actually look forward to going to the classes. This is in part because I’m enjoying the exercise and the effects but because I am doing it with a friend and it’s a sociable.

I must have the fitness bug as I’ve agreed to go running with Shell despite me being pretty bad at it. However, I’m beginning to realise things don’t stay hard long if you work at them. I mean, who would have thought I’d be getting up at 6am to go boxing?!

Session 5

I’m at the half way point in the course and feeling good. I’ve noticed that the instructor (who was relatively new when I started) has grown in confidence and the class has more variation each time. I found the class harder today and even the warm-up was a challenge for me. Maybe it’s just an off-day.

I attended alone as my gym buddy couldn’t make it. She sneakily didn’t let me know until just before the class started but this is probably a good thing as I wouldn’t have been motivated to go on my own. Whilst I’ve found massive benefit in having a training partner, I have proven to myself that I can go on my own and it’s not as scary as I think.

Smiling Through The Pain

Well done Kash, proud of you! See folks, all the things I’ve been blogging about early workouts, training buddies and giving something new a go really are good for you no matter what your fitness level is. Are you going to take-up a new activity for the summer? Let me know on Twitter @GymJunkieShell or on my facebook page Gym Junkie Shell Fitness.


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