GJS Tries Myrios


I recently received a freebie Myrios Kit to try out. The kits allow you to take a blood test at home, send it away to a lab and receive results in 7 days. There are a number of tests available but the ‘purple’ kit I had was to test for anaemia, cholesterol, diabetes, glandular fever, gout, hypothyroidism or menopause ( you can select to be tested for only 1 out of the 7).

Now, if you are worried enough about your health to go out and purchase one of these kits (priced at £23.50 for the purple kit – £37.50 for the gold kit) I would suggest that perhaps you need to see your GP. Googling various ailments (we’ve all done it) just scares you half to death and home testing would indicate that you have sufficient concern to want to investigate what’s up with you. Just a thought.

Anyway assuming you are interested in trying it for yourself I’ll share my experience of this morning……The instructions were really straightforward, clean finger with sterile wipe, use the gadget to prick your finger, collect the blood droplets into little tube, seal, label and send off.

The first two steps were easy. Then I got to step three – collecting blood. You’ll see from the picture below that obtaining the required 30 droplets of blood from a single pin prick was an impossibility. I pricked a second finger,no joy. Quite how you’re supposed to fill a tube is beyond me. Needless to say, I have an insufficient sample size for it to be analysed but in the interests of being fair and giving you the complete picture, I’ll send it off anyway and see what happens.

Find out more for yourself by looking at the Myrios website http://www.myrios.co.uk I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has successfully done one of the tests, particularly if you’ve had results back confirming a medical condition.



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