GJS Tries A ‘Bag Blast’ Training Session

Yesterday I went to Fighting Fit City Gym in central Birmingham to try out the ‘Bag Blast & Circuits’ class which the timetable describes as a traditional boxers training routine followed by a circuit.

The gym is not your typical, over-priced, shiny health club with posers hogging the mirrors. It is functional, with all the latest bits of kit (I spotted bulgarian bags) a boxing ring, a skipping area and a varied clientele all serious about training hard.


If you go to the gym for a chat and to catch up on TV whilst you plod along on the dreadmill, I suggest you look away now.

The class commenced with none of the typical instructor welcome chit-chat. Instead we completed a quick warm up and were then directed to start skipping – two rounds each lasting 2 minutes. We then moved on to shadow boxing with dumbells – another two lots of 2 minute rounds. My heart rate was up but i was still smiling and able to talk comfortably. So far so good.

Then we moved onto the punch bags. Cue pink boxing gloves that have been in one of my cupboards for two years. I was well up for this bit. Having done boxing training in the past, I can testify that there is nothing more satisfying than pummelling the crap out of an innate object.

The instructor went round correcting technique and giving encouragement but if you’re a complete beginner, more attention would be needed. Round one was fun, round two was fun but tough, round three was just tough. By round four my shoulders and arms felt very heavy and my proud punches had turned to pathetic girly slaps. I caught myself clock watching, willing it to be the end of the session.

What are those two pipes of lead doing here? Oh hang on, those are what used to be my arms.

Time for a break perhaps? No. Back on the bags, this time in pairs. One person held the bag steady whilst the other threw fast punches for a minute then we swapped over. Five times. Let me run that by you again, after having done four 2-min rounds on the bags, there were five 1-min rounds to complete.

Who’s that screaming? Ah yes, that would be my poor shoulders but the session was not over yet.

Then it was time for the circuit – a repetition of burpees, tuck jumps, mountain climbers, press ups, sit ups, plyometric lunges and jogging. I looked around the group (7 men, 3 ladies) and it would be fair to say that without exception, the group looked done in. We kept going.

Thankfully the circuit component was short and after a stretch we were finished. The hour had flown by. I looked a hot mess but hey, I can be pretty on rest days. I felt like I had WORKED and I mean really worked, in a way that I haven’t done for a while.

As a fitness instructor and someone who has done regular boxing training in the past, I am a massive advocate of this type of training. It is challenging in ways that running and weights just aren’t, you see progression & results quickly and the feeling of pride as you master the techniques is immense.

I went with a friend who is not a fitness professional and who does not box. He found the session physically demanding but described it as “fun” and is going back for more….although after the DOMS has subsided.

Next week I’m back at Fighting Fit, this time for MMA training. Yikes! Watch this space.

For information visit their website http://www.fightingfitcitygym.com or call 0121 212 9461.



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