Boxing In Birmingham (10 sessions £10)

I came across a gem of an offer last weekend, ten boxing sessions for £10 at a boxing gym in Birmingham City Centre.  It seemed too good to miss so I booked it before I had time to think of reasons why not to.

The voucher has arrived in my inbox today.  Having taken a peek at the club’s website, I am wondering what I’ve let myself in for. There are a variety of class styles but “Extreme Conditioning” “Bag Blast” and “MMA” are some of the descriptions on the timetable.  I wonder if it is too late to get a refund….

I have done boxing training in the past with a personal trainer.  During that period I was in the BEST shape of my life. It was tough, I did not look pretty whilst training, I often felt sick and wanted to give up almost every session .  It was also fun, confidence-building and amazing to see how quickly I progressed not just in my body shape but in my speed, agilty and bag-work skills (I’m still pretty nifty on a skipping rope).

I plan to do two sessions per week for the next five weeks, in addition to my fair-weather runs and kettlebell workouts.  Blog post coming soon.  If you are interested in the offer for yourself, here is a link to the voucher:


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