Three Easy Things You Can Do TODAY To Aid Fat Loss

I recently attended an instructor course  where I studied the scientific concepts of weight gain and learned the application of weight management techniques.  This doesn’t make me a nutritionalist but I am now able to manipulate a client’s diet to ensure effective fat loss when coupled with exercise.

 It would be impossible for me to pass on all my new knowledge to you in one blog post (there were 21 strategies covered on the course) but there are 3 really simple practises I’d like to share that I think you’ll find useful and easy to apply.


You’ve heard this advice before.  It is not new, it is not radical and it does not require any expensive gadgets or fancy knowledge.  Grab a pen paper and for one week, write down everything you consume and I mean EVERYTHING.  Also make a note of your energy levels, your moods and how you felt after each meal.

At the end of the week, read through your diary and look out for your eating pitfalls. You will soon spot where your bad habits are and can take steps to address them.  For instance, if every afternoon at 3pm you are craving biscuits, this suggests a slump in blood sugar levels and you need to revise what you eat for lunch. 

How you feel after each meal is very important too.  Do you feel satisfied or do you feel stuffed?  Did your meal energise you or did you go into a ‘food coma’?  You get the idea.  Seeing every meal and snack written down can really motivate you to make better food choices.


If you are ‘watching what you eat’, once per week have a cheat day.  In my house we call it ‘Fat Friday’ – we order take-out, eat dessert and have a few cheeky glasses of wine.

Yes I really did just give you permission to eat a take-out to aid your fat loss.  It is impossible to follow an eating regime 100% of the time.  Not only is this likely to make you miserable (not to mention a bore in restaurants) it will put your body into starvation mode and will undo all of your efforts.  By having a cheat day, your metabolism gets fired up. It literally goes “Woah! What the heck is going on?!” and the spike in calories prevents your body from down-regulating your metabolism.

You are much more likely to follow a healthy eating plan if you know that once per week you can relax and reward yourself with a treat.  **Disclaimer: Don’t have pizza for breakfast, fish & chips for lunch and a curry with 5 beers for dinner.  That’s taking the mick.**


Something else you’ve heard before – Drink up. 2-3 litres per day should do it. Your body is made up of 60-70% water so a cup of tea with your breakfast and a sip on your bottle in the gym just won’t cut it.  Also, if you do not stay hydrated your metabolism will be inhibited.  Here’s the science bit….

a. Water helps you to poo.  Pooing expels excess fats from our body.

b. Water ensures good levels of androgens such as testosterone which are vital for maintaining lean muscle mass. If you are dehydrated these hormone levels can decrease.

c. There is some research to support that drinking ice cold water promotes an increase in metabolism.

Don’t like water? That’s too bad.  Add a lemon or lime to it to increase palatability and just get it down your neck.  Although not too much kids, over consumption can water down electrolytes in the blood stream.

 So there you go.  Three simple things you can start doing TODAY that will support fat loss. Regular exercise is a must too but then you already knew that.

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