Maxitone On Tour

Before I start this blog post it’s worth me pointing out that I do not work for Maxitone, I’m not sponsored by them and we are not affiliated in any way. I just want to share a really good product with you!

I often get funny looks from my colleagues when I’m drinking a protein shake on my arrival to work from the gym each morning. People assume that if you are taking protein you must be trying to build huge muscles. This is entirely false in my case-I’ve been drinking protein shakes regularly for about 18 months because for me, they aid recovery after a tough workout and optimise muscle tone. Plus it feels a lot healthier than knocking back a sugar filled energy drink when I’ve finished in the gym.

I’ve tried many different brands and spent a lot of money choking down powdery, watery concoctions that tasted nothing like the description on the label. I know what something chocolate flavoured should taste like and trust me, some of these shakes are not it.

Then a few months ago I discovered MAXITONE DEFINITY. It is reasonably priced, tastes great and is specifically designed for women. Maxitone describe Definity as “A high quality whey protein which is considered to be the best protein for women who want to look lean and toned. Definity adds extra protein to your diet with only 2g of fat and carbs.” The Maxitone range includes lots of other products, some aimed at toning and others at weight loss (Sculptress range). I have only ever used the Definity range but from the recipes on the website, I knew that there was more that could be done with the product to increase my daily protein intake and beat snacking.

In recent weeks I have started to be a bit more creative, adding the protein powder to porridge or pancakes for my breakfast in addition to having a shake after a workout but I still felt unsure about whether I was making the most out of it.

#MaxitoneOnTour to the rescue! Through the power of Twitter (what did we do before it?) I found out that Maxitone were in my city centre today. I met a friendly nutritionist who gave me a free 1-2-1. By analysing what I ate in a typical week she was able to suggest subtle changes to improve my diet and she identified opportunities to increase my protein intake – not just through Maxitone products but though food and drink choices. At no point was there talk of losing weight (although they have products that help you to do this) the discussion was about being healthier.

As a bonus, I received a very girlie, hot pink goodie bag which contained a shaker, several samples of the Sculptress meal replacement shakes, a sample of the Sculptress snack bar, a meal plan and numerous money-off vouchers.

The tour has a few more stops to make at other cities so check out their website to see when they will be near you. They have a fantastic Twitter account @MaxitoneUK and rather than just advertise their wares they actually give useful and timely advice. Just tweet #snacksos when you’re craving a chocolate bar and they will response with a healthy alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth!

With a holiday looming I am considering following one of their plans. If I do, I’ll report progress here.



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