PHA Diary: Week 4, Review & Tips

I’ve just completed my fourth and final week on the Matt Roberts PHA training plan for fat loss.  Training has gone well this week and I was pleased to note that I had dropped a small percentage of body fat (but not weight), proof that the plan does work if you stick to it.  I should mention that Matt actually advises that the plan be followed for 6 weeks to see optimum results but after a month of doing the same workout four times per week, I am definitely ready for a change.

Although I got a little bored with the Fat Loss plan at times, the actual principles of PHA training have got me hooked.  The method of alternating upper and lower body parts without rest really gets the heart rate up and if you are used to training in ‘sets and reps’ PHA will be a shock to your system, one definitely worth the try and suited to men as well as women.  I plan to continue training in the PHA way but devise my own workout that suits me.  Matt’s book offers ‘Muscle Sculpting’ and ‘Bulking Up’ plans as well as Fat loss and there are a number of other PHA plans out by various fitness professionals.

Rather than share with you a diary of how my training has gone this week, I wanted to offer some tips to help you if you are considering starting this (or any other) plan for yourself:

Be prepared -The demands of our busy lives often make it difficult for us to find time to follow a training plan.  Throw fluctuating motivation into the mix and it can become even harder. Like a good boy scout or girl guide you need to be prepared.  Simple things such as laying out your gym kit the night before, changing your usual workout time or taking your gym bag to work can not only save some of your valuable time but will give you less reasons to back out.

One size does not fit all – If you are going to start any new training plan be prepared to make adaptations.  Whilst you do need to stick with something to see results, I do not believe that you have to follow every prescribed move if it’s not working for you.  If you stay with something that you don’t enjoy, chances are you will quit.  Make small changes if you need to which stay in keeping with the plan but ensure you can stick with it.

Track Your Progress – Keep a diary, write a blog, mark your calendar or send tweets, just do something to record your progress.  This allows you to reflect at the end of each week and see what is and isn’t working, what’s getting in the way and what’s helping.  Then you can make the necessary changes to fix it.

If your training has become stale or you just like to mix it up a bit, give PHA training a go.  Let me know how you get on.


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