PHA Diary: Week 3

So after failing miserably last week to get stuck into this training plan I resolved to give it a really good go this week and did a pretty good job of it despite a few challenges…

Workout 9 A long day at work, nightmare commute home and the drop in temperatures were enough to make me reconsider my planned trip to the gym.  Then I remembered that I’d committed to blog about my training and that gave me a little motivation and I had a brain wave – train at home.  I am not a huge fan of home workouts but I did say in the first week’s diary that this plan is supposed to be simple and adaptable so this was a test of that.  The PHA training plan passed the test.  With only a few exceptions, I managed to complete all the moves as directed in the plan and I did alternatives for the ones I couldn’t (e.g I don’t have a ball so couldn’t do the hamstring ball curl but I did bridges instead, hits the same spot). 

Workout 10 Back in the gym for this one and I went straight from work rather than coming home, that way I had no opportunity to talk myself out of it!  I’ve definately got the hang of the plan and don’t have to consult my notes as often which really saves on time and keeps my heart rate up.  The sauna-like temperatures in the gym added to the intesity of my session although I’m not sure that’s a good thing.  Downside of training late was that the gym was very busy.  I’ve been spoilt recently by having a corner to myself and surrounding myself with the equipment I need so I was a bit disappointed at having to share.  I’m a diva, I can’t help my selfish tendencies! The  press-ups remain a challenge but I quite like the burn!

Workout 11 A really busy day on the cards and I had been worried earlier in the week that I wouldn’t fit in the four sessions this week but I got to the gym super early, I don’t think even the birds were up.  Silly little tip for you… lay your kit out the night before and pack your gym bag -It makes such a difference, try it and you’ll see why.  Despite the early hour I was feeling refreshed so I decided to incorporate some kettlebells into the workout.  Now I know this isn’t strictly sticking to the PHA plan but Matt Roberts does encourage the use of weights. I stuck to the usual moves and routine but it was considerable harder with the kettlebells and I felt exhausted at the end.  I blogged in the earlier weeks that at times I have felt I could do more on this plan. Well, the kettlebells hit the spot.  The next day the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) was in full effective but the sadist in me was quite pleased!

Workout 12 A cold, foggy, Sunday morning when you’re suffering with DOMS is probably not the best time to head off to the gym but it is a test of commitment so I got going before I had time to talk myself out of it.  I used the kettlebells again and could definately feel the increase in intensity.  It’s taken a bit of tweaking over the last three weeks but I think I have now found a PHA workout that suits me.  That has been the biggest lesson for me whilst doing this plan – one size does not fit all.  I’ve spent a large amount of time trying to follow the plan to the letter but perhaps if I had adapted it sooner, I would have seen more results.  Only one week left to go and I think by then I’ll be in need of a change anyway.  My final PHA diary will be up in a week. 


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