PHA Diary: Week 2

This week’s entry is not so much a diary and more of a tale of ‘When Gym Junkies Go Bad’!  I had a very special birthday (18 again) on the weekend and did not take into account how organising and holding a birthday party would distract fom my gym plans.  The party itself was supposed to be on my ‘rest day’ but the various errands etc I had to run during the week really distracted me.  Even when I did make it to the gym, I was clock-watching, conscious of my never ending to-do list.  So here is a diary of how NOT to do a PHA training plan:

Workout 5 I took my measurements at the end of week 1 so that I can track my progress on this plan and I was pleased to see that I had dropped a little body fat (although I suspect this will be undone come party time).  I don’t particulary watch my weight but I do measure my waist etc and I have bodyfat scales. This is much more effective and motivating than just looking at how much you weigh as the scales don’t tell the full story.  Often when you start a new training plan, your weight does not change (it can even go up) but your shape changes subtly over time.  Anway, back to the diary….  I trotted off for a 6.30am workout on this first day of week 2.  I enjoy training early in the morning, it really sets me up for the day – with a Brucie Bonus of having the evenings to myself.  The gym is usually quieter at this time too.   I cracked on with the plan and completed it in 31 minutes. I’m getting used to the running order so there was a lot less time spent transistioning between moves and this kept my heart rate up so I felt pretty tired by the end of it.

Workout 6 I’ve never tried Bikram Yoga but I imagine it is much like the workout I had today.  The heating was on full blast in the gym despite the mild temperatures outside and I was sweating before I’d even finished warming up.  I mentioned last week that I usually use heavy weights when training my legs and that this PHA plan was a bit easy on them.  I decided today to add the seated leg press machine and leg curl machine into my workout to make it tougher.  It worked well and I’ll definately incorporate this now. I still managed to keep the time to just over 31 minutes.  This workout really is good if you are short on time.

Workout 7 A really busy day party planning but I still made time for a workout.  I was feeling quite smug about this. That was until I opened my kit bag and realised I hadn’t packed my trainers.  Epic fail. I was so annoyed with myself!  When a gym junkie does not get their fix it aint pretty. Lots of slammming things about and general huffing, puffing and moaning for the rest of the evening.

Workout 8 Conscious that I’ve missed a workout I decided to train on the day of the party. Probably not a great idea given all the things I had to do but  the thought of my slinky party dress was enough to get me at the gym at opening time.  I rushed through my workout and was very distracted.  Although it’s better to do something then nothing at all, I short changed myself.  If you are going to do this plan, schedule it into your diary and give it the time it deserves.  I made grand plans to go to the gym the next day and catch up on the missed workout.

Catch Up Grand plans to have a ‘catch up ‘ workout were quickly abandoned.  Waking up with a dishevelled behive, 12hr old mascara and the aftertaste of sambuca will do that to you.   Things I have learned this week then:

1.Don’t start a new training plan when you have a big event coming up 2. Schedule workouts and allow proper time for them 3. Train in the morning 4.Check kit bag!

Onto week 3 folks.  Must do better.


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