Fitness Class Survey Results

Last month I posted a survey about participation in fitness classes.  Thankyou to all those who took part.  The results are intended for use by fitness professionals but anyone can take a look …

Demographics 30% of respondents were male and 60% female.  Their ages varied from 18 years to 50+ years, with 25% being aged between 25-30 and the largest proportion (30%) aged 31-40.
Lifestyle Over 60% of the respondents lived as a family (at least 1 adult and 1 child in the household) 16% lived alone and 22% lived as  part of a couple. 35% did not have any children and 31% had children that were of adult age.
Attitude Towards Fitness Classes 57.4% of those surveyed were already attending fitness classes, either as part of a gym membership or pay-as-you-go.  Of those who did not attend, 25% said they might like to in the future.  
Respondents were asked to select which loyalty rewards appealed to them and were allowed to select as many as they wished.  Most popular was discounts for block booking, over half selected this. Discounts at every 5th and 10th session were also popular choices.
Two thirds said they would travel 1-3 miles to attend a fitness class with most others prepared to travel 3-5 miles.  
Over half preferred classes at 1830-1930. 1930-2030 was second most popular.  Less than 5% wanted late classes starting after 8pm.  In relation to pricing, l
ess than 8% of those asked expected to pay under £2.50 for a one hour class.  40% selected £2.50-£3.50 and equally 40% selected £3.50-£4.50. The remainder were happy to pay over £4.50
Marketing Respondents were asked to select how they would expect to hear about a fitness class, multiple answers were permitted.  The class venue and company website were the most popular channels that people expected to find information.  This was followed by Facebook, leaflets and the local newspaper. Twitter, local library and local schools were the least popular.

Observations  For freelance fitness instructors it is difficult finding a suitable venue to hold classes and then having a day, time and price that will encourage regular customer attendance.  Targeting advertising is also problematic as the potential customer base is very diverse and freelance instructors are often working with a very limited budget to make eople aware of their classes. 
The sample group for this survey was small but diverse enough to reflect the type of community group you would expect to find in an urban area (in this case Sandwell, West Midlands).  The survey shows that the demographics and lifestyles of those wanting to attend fitness classes is very varied. Instructors need to consider the family and childcare commitments that may restrict their customers and find ways to cater for this – perhaps by being mindful of the preferred locations and class times that this survey highlights.  They also could take advantage of some of the free opportunites that the web offers (such as Facebook) to reach and interact with their customers.


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