Introducing PHA Training

Whatever type of workout you enjoy doing, it’s likely that you’ve been doing it for a while. We tend to stick to what we enjoy or what we feel good at and whilst we may dabble in new things from time-to-time, the chances are you’re either a runner, weight lifter or class attender but not a balanced mix-and-match of all.  Those who enjoy pumping iron will rarely be found in a Zumba class and fans of Step Aerobics are unlikely to be found lugging a kettlebell around! 

The fat burning benefits of cardio cannot be denied and neither can toning advantages of resistance work.  So how about a workout that combines the two and doesn’t involve lengthy sessions slogging it out? 

Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) training refers to workouts which are resistance (weights) based but conducted in a way which  makes the body work aerobically, therefore blending resistance and aerobics together.  Throughout the workout, moves are alternated between the upper and lower body continuously so the intensity is consistent (as opposed to the stop-start approach taken in traditional weight training.) 

Benefits are said to include 10% more calories burned per day and an increase in metabolic rate whilst on the programme.  Perhaps most appealing is the time saved.  In a PHA workout the upper and lower body moves are aternated.  So as you train your upper body, your lower body rests and then vise versa.  There is no other ‘resting’ time and many PHA workouts are conducted in under 30 minutes.

These are big claims and I am keen to find out for myself if they are true so throughout the month of November I will be undertaking a PHA workout plan.  I’ll be doing it alone, at my local gym without any special equipment or provisions…..just a book on PHA by Personal Trainer Matt Roberts.  I’ll be keeping a diary so I that can give an update here (and on my Twitter and Facebook page) each week and you can share my experience and maybe try it for yourself. 

Matt’s book “The PHA Workout”  has 4 plans (Fat Loss, Muscle Sculpting, Bulking Up and Endurance) and is available through DK Publishers.


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