Goal Setting – Spotlight on Jodie Marsh

Jodie Marsh unveils astonishing muscular bodybuilding physique – mirror.co.uk.

Last week Jodie Marsh revealed her new body building physique to the media after coming 5th in her very first competition.  She recieved a barrage of criticism from both men and women negating her “unfeminine” and “scary” body.  What is striking is just how few people recognised the sheer determination and self-motivation it would take to build such a physique.  Jodie claims to have achieved it in just 50 days through a strict diet & exercise regime.

Whether you find her newly chiselled body attractive or not there is no denying that Jodie Marsh is a testament to just how much can be achieved when you are committed to your fitness goals.  Goal setting is important for anyone who trains, even if you are not aiming to look like Jodie and her fellow competitors.  By setting a combination of short, medium and long term goals you can keep your motivation high which in turns makes you more likely to adhere to your training plan (more on plans in a future blog).

Example. If you are a beginner, your long term goal may be to get in shape for next year’s holiday or a special event (first define what ‘get in shape’ means to you).  The short term goal to meet this target may be just to make it to the gym twice a week for short workouts and then build up to a medium term goal of being able to complete a class/activity you’ve always wanted to try out or increase your number of weekly workouts/duration of workouts.

Intermediate and advanced people may want to build up to increased workout duration/distance/weight and should approach this is in the same way – building up with clear checkpoints to review progress.

The important thing is to split your long term goal into bite sized chunks – this doesn’t have to be complicated.  Remember to make your targets flexible too as they may need adapting along the way.


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